onsdag 14. desember 2011

Sharing without telling

The unexpected twists and turns of life are testing my mettle. What am I really made of? What kind of man am I? Do I deserve to be in the position I am in? Is my life headed in the direction I want it to? I am in a space now that I didn’t think possible when I left Norway two months ago. My heart and mind is cracking open and it is taking me to places that are both beautiful and starkly revealing. I’m at a crossroad on my journey and at this point in time I am still not sure on which path I will continue to stride. Now I’m letting things crystallize and settle into place before any judgements are made as to where fate will guide me. What I am learning is that I am human, and so is my master. I create my own fate, but life will continue happening to me. What matters is how I handle the undulations that will inevitably come. Do I buckle, or do I stand firm? Do I wallow in despair, or do I use the potential and soar? Do I learn my lessons, or do I continue along the well-worn track of previous ones unlearned? I am uncovering a man that I didn’t see quite so clearly before, but the little boy inside is still afraid of letting go and stepping fully into what he will become. I sense a transformation on the horizon, and it’s both terrifying and exciting. 
With love, peace and a fair amount of ambiguity,

9 kommentarer:

  1. You are precisely where you should be, doing precisely what you should do Simon. You are living an "engaged" life. Few of us will ever do that. I salute you my friend!

    Mike Wigal

  2. You will never ever again be the person you are now. Accept that, and you shall free your SELF from conforming to what and how people see you. Now you can truly follow your path.

  3. To be able to distinguish between what is destructive and development during challenging times is difficult. I make choises that navigates towards what makes me more clear, loving and open. Towards myrself and other beings around me. Most people choose to learn trough pain only a few choose to learn through joy.

  4. Strong determination will see you trough! You are extremely fortunate...

  5. Thank you Mike! Have a big smile plastered on my face after reading you comment :-)

    Appreciate your advice, anonymous.

  6. I love your honesty, to us and to yourself!

    Erik KH

  7. The right path is right NOW. Tomorrow can be another path and that is also right ;-) ...but always remember to follow the impulses of your heart regardless of the outer worlds influence...

  8. I agree: The right path is right NOW. If you change direction later, this is not a detour. It will be a foundation. It is inspiring to read your reflections, Bjarte.
    Best wishes for the rest of your study in Wudang!
    Jon M. :-)

  9. Oh, Bjarte, I (PatC) just love you. Your openness to your journey, and your willingness to allow it to be open to us, is such a generous gift and a deep challenge to me. Your insight en-courages me, and I am inspired by your process.
    From my elder vantage point, I am assured that you will see this journey, ever more clearly, for the rest of your existence - to infinity.
    It is my experience that life expands every moment. Many of us, as life’s travellers, embrace the light/shadow wave as integral, non-dual, life affirming, living forward into Love. You exhibit that embracing, through the complete man you are today and at every moment. The sense of "becoming" is only evidence of your confidence in the continuity of this journey.
    I feel so close to you, and hold such joy sharing the flow of the beautiful energy ignited by your writing. I see one man evolving in all aspects of his life; and I see how that is enriching the evolution of those who travel here, following your posts; and, through us all, the transformation of our existence.
    Happy New Year, dear traveller.